Micah Tate Lindstrom 

Micah lived life, and lived it to the fullest.  He was more than just a family  member, friend, teacher or coach - he was a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  For those of us that were lucky enough to have had him in our life, we all feel he made us into a better person and brought us closer to The Almighty.  

Who was Micah?  Micah was many things:

Micah was born August 4, 1976, at Wilford Hall, Lackland A.F.B., in San Antonio, to Fred and Peggy Patton Lindstrom.  He was a 1994 honor graduate of Clyde High School, and a 1998 magna cum laude graduate of Hardin-Simmons University, receiving a bachelor's degree in math. Micah worked for Pasadena ISD at South Houston High School for one year before moving back to Clyde in 1999.  At the time of his death, he worked as a coach and math teacher for Clyde Junior High School.  He was a member of First Baptist Church of Clyde and taught the college and career Sunday school class.

In addition to this scholarship, there have been other memorials or dedications created for Micah.

Big Country FCA established the Micah Tate Lindstrom Coach of the Year Award which goes to an area coach who exemplifies the character, integrity and convictions that Coach Lindstrom lived by.  Read the announcement here.

bench2.jpg (647102 bytes)The Micah Tate Lindstrom park bench is located in the Micah Lindstrom park area east of the Clyde Junior High School Cafeteria.  Click the picture to view a larger picture of the bench and feel free to read an article about the bench here.

Helmet 68.JPG (133453 bytes)Gym.JPG (142735 bytes)The 2003 football season for Clyde Junior High School and Clyde High School was dedicated to the memory of Micah.  Every football helmet displayed a decal with a "6:8" on it representing Micah 6:8.  

The Clyde High School coaching staff wrote an article in memory of Micah that appeared in Texas Coach magazine.  You can read that article here.

Clyde Junior High School hosts an annual basketball tournament that is named after Micah.  You can read the article about the tournament here.

In 2004, Hardin-Simmons established the
Micah Lindstrom Memorial Award.  It is given to the most outstanding male and female student intramural participants who role model the attributes of sportsmanship, integrity, and character while participating in various recreational sports programs.

To see what Micah meant to others, please feel free to visit the Facebook dedicated to him:

Micah 6:8 Facebook page




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